Michael Sadler


Michael Sadler, Born in Vallejo, California, Is an up-and-coming actor located in the Bay Area. Starting his acting career early in Theater, Michael grew up on stage. At a young age, Michael starred in many school plays from grades K to 4th. He soon shy'd away from acting, Until High School where he was apart of the Broadcast News and was in charge of making morning skits for the school. Soon after High school, Sadler then Landed a job working as Background on 13 reasons why(2016), Where he then got promoted to a core student on the Show. Since then, he fell in love with on-screen acting and freelanced, find his way to becoming the face of the new Skype(2017) Co-starring as Adam in the commercial. Michael Originally began acting from a comedic stand point, But found that he can connect with the audience in many different genres and roles, Shown in the upcoming Series Sunset Glory(2017) where he plays an emotional Mail-room Clerk. Sadler has also been featured in Ballers'(2017), as well as Fear & Love(2017). Michael is now signed to the Bay Area Talent Agency Models INC'. He believes himself to soon be the next big name in acting as he feels his talent and looks will take him very far.