Sam Medina


Sam Medina. Sam is an ethnically ambiguous actor who now makes Los Angeles, his new home. A descendant of Asian, Hispanic and French mix, Sam can play a wide variety of characters. After working as an actor in the Southeast Region for 4 years, He has decided that it is time to take his career to the next level. He has trained with some of the industry's top acting teachers such as Ivana Chubbuck, Margie Haber, Tom Todoroff and Arthur Mendoza. Sam's notable resume includes many Feature Films, Television Co-Stars and Guest-Stars. Equipped with the Acting skills, an extensive Martial Arts background and Physical abilities, Sam brings forth all of himself on every project. Here are some quotes from industry professionals: "Sam is an incredibly talented and hard-working individual. He is always prepared and delivers. After working with him on a few movies there's no doubt he will be a success in all his endeavors." Justin Bursch-Producer [The Package, Meeting Evil] "Great job! It's all in the eyes. I would bring you back but you're already dead!" Oliver Stone-Director [Picture wrapped of Savages] Lori Wyman-Casting Director [Burn Notice, Dexter, The Glades, Magic City] "Sam is a true gem and a rare find! Not only does he have an amazing look, he has the acting talent to back it up! He loves taking risks! Sam is a director's dream. He is motivated, dedicated and most importantly, he is a phenomenal actor who delivers every time." "He IS the whole package!" Jason Hewitt-Director/Producer/Owner of Films In Motion "Don't let Sam Medina's tough guy look fool you. There is a really good actor in there as well. As Squat, Sam injected a high level of energy into each scene that elevated the role to more than street thug. The audience as well as the other actors couldn't help but to love him" Lisa Marie Dupree-Casting Director [The Courier, The Mortician] "From the moment Sam auditioned, I knew the role of Squat was meant for him. With his talent and versatility, he made Squat a fearless villain that possessed a brotherly quality the audience could relate to." Michael Arata- Producer/Executive Producer [ Odd Thomas, The Courier] "Sam is the epitome of a team player. Aside from being an extremely talented Actor, the chemistry that he brings to a set is one that you can only wish for. He is a joy to work with and adds a lot of value to my productions" Keep rocking' in L.A. bro!